Month: September 2009

Representation of File System in the Kernel

Representation of data on a floppy and hard disk may consistently differ, but representing them in the kernel is almost same. VFS mounts the file system through the function register_filesystem(struct file_system_type *fs), Example register_filesystem(&ext2_fs_type); Mounting Before a file can be accessed, the file system containing the file should be mounted. Done by the call using …

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Sockets for Inter process communication

Socket programming interfaces provides communication via a network as well as locally on a single computer. Example is INET daemon which waits for incoming network service requests and then call the appropriate service program using the socket file descriptor as standard input and output. Implementation of Unix domain sockets Represented by a kernel data structure …

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Inter process Communication in Linux Kernel (IPC)

When two processes trying to access a resource is called race condition. Main challenge is to avoid the race condition, the following method is usually adopted to avoid the race condition use of shared memory can prevent race condition Use of threads. Threads use the same address space when switching it to other threads(so same …

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