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Technology Tools for Teachers and Educators

The Mediocre teacher tells,
The good teacher explains,
The superior teacher demonstrates,
the great teacher inspires...... 
William Arthur Ward
If you are a teacher or a professor, you cannot survive with out technology and impress or inspire students of this generation. If you want to become a great teacher, here are some tools that you can use for your teaching and learning. The tools are characterised based on the categories. One or more of the tools can be used within or outside the classroom.
Presentation Tools
MS Office (Power Point, Word and Excel)Libre Office (Its Free and open source)WPS Office (Its free, have support of all the MS Office files)Prezi (Its a tool for infographics and animations within presentation)MS Sway (This is from Microsoft and its a graphic content generation that can make the students learn the subject in a greater depthKeynote (for Apple machines). Others also can use through to generate presentation using keynote.

Social Media
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